[Tweeters] Mountain Lions

Simone zingie at aol.com
Thu Feb 7 11:08:14 PST 2013

Hey Tweets,

Some friends and I were birding the Okanogan highlands last winter (early January) and though birding was slow, we more than made up for it by what we saw at dusk in Winthrop. We spotted a herd of deer just a couple blocks outside of the main part of town. Didn't think much of that. Then my friend (who was driving) saw something else in the adjacent field. He slowly backed up and there was a cougar crouched down perhaps 100? feet from the road. It had covered a kill and didn't move a muscle as we watched it. We watched it for a few minutes (what seemed like an hour) and it did not move one muscle. I doubt I will ever have the chance to view a wild cougar like that, ever again. I've included a link to the photo that I got (we did not approach the cat in anyway). I have also seen evidence of a recent cougar kill (deer) in the Blue Mountains a few years back. The deer had been covered with leaves and soil and there were cougar prints all around, including very small ones, which I assume were kittens.


Happy birding and big cat spotting,

Simone Lupson-Cook
Seattle, WA
zingie at aol.com

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