[Tweeters] Ocean Shores Snowy Owls and Palm Warbler

vickibiltz vickibiltz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 13:41:46 PST 2013

Hi! I just got back into the warmth, from Damon Point. There were 4 Snowy Owls that I could find in the pouring rain. As I walked towards the main part, the tide was really high, washing away all the debris from my previous hike, and leaving its own residue.
It was freezing. I think my mother would have freaked out, had she seen me hiking out there in the rain/trench coat she had given me for the Met (opera in NYC )
I could see them moving about, flying from place to place, as the 3 Bald Eagles swooped closer and closer over their frightened feathery heads. I could see the frustration building in their golden eyes, and see them frowning, furrowing their feathered brows.

I got soaked. It poured cats and dogs out there. I finally walked to a spot and sat, hoping someone would send a helicopter to rescue me, before the storm and tide washed me away.

As I sat, sad, rather pissed off at the world in general, I looked around and realized a beauty of a Snowy had flown in very close to me.

She saw in me, a true friend. One that would fight off every eagle passing by. She gave me a beaky smile, and shook off the rain; as if shaking off all the fear that had built up during the stressful dawning of this day.

Actually, she was not thus. I made all that up. I walked, it poured, eagle flew, flushed owl into my habitat. I enjoyed watching her for quite a while.
I am going out again tomorrow morning.

Vicki Biltz Bonney Lake WA
vickibiltz at gmail.com.

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