[Tweeters] Ocean Shores Snowy Owls and Palm Warbler

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Wed Feb 6 13:03:20 PST 2013

I have seen several recent Tweeters emails of people asking about Ocean
Shores Snowy Owls so I thought I would give a mini trip report.

My wife, daughter and I have a lovely trip out to Ocean Shores on the
weekend. We spent two half days out on Damon Point. Right near the parking
area I did manage to spot two Palm Warblers as has been reported. We looked
on four separate occasions but only saw them once. They were in the short
evergreen trees right next to the road on the campground side.

Out on Damon Point we were able to see about 5 Snowy Owls each time. I'm
sure there are more out there (since reports have shown up to 8-9). The area
is pretty good size and it is a challenge to cover it all if you want to get
a complete count. Some Owls were perching on drift wood and some were
perching in trees. Since juvenile Snowy Owls would have no experience with
trees I wonder if they have learned already (in the couple months they have
been there) of if some of them are returning from last year where they have
had more time to learn to perch on small branches.

If you are considering visiting a tip I would give is to try to go out on
Damon Point by sunrise. First thing in the morning they Owls still have
their eyes open as some of them may continue to hunt a short while after
daylight. Also, if you are out there at sunrise it will really cut down on
the people around. This can feel a little more natural if you are not one of
25 people watching 1 Snowy Owl.

I've posted 10 pictures of Snowy Owls some on logs and some in trees, 2 of
the Palm Warbler and two of a very photogenic Golden Crown Sparrow.

Good birding to all,
Doug Schurman
NE Seattle

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