[Tweeters] Yelm Thurston County Yard Birds

Yelm Backyard Wildlife yelmbackyard at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:38:53 PST 2013

Dear Tweets;

Over the last week.

Seagulls flew East to West in the last two weeks.
I've never seen this many at once here. (There is one lone seagull
that is a regular flier or resident, which I also find strange but at
least I know he does live here somewhere.)
The seagulls were flying 20 to 30 birds at a time and after about 10
minutes - I counted over 100 of them.

Two geese flying from the East then turned and flew North for a bit.
I could hear them faintly and then watched them turn around, South,
saying "Uh oh. Uh oh." and finally re-routed West.

I have also heard a croaking bird and a return call, but cannot
distinguish what bird it may be - Varied Thrush?

Thurston County
yelmbackyard at gmail.com

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