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I think that it is easier to see cougars closer in to populated areas than
it would be in more remote locations. The more remote the location the
bigger the area you would have to search and the easier it is for them to

I live in a densely populated community with 300 acres of open space, most
of which is native growth. Over the years, my neighbor has seen a cougar in
her backyard twice. I also saw one crossing the boulevard going from one
native growth area to another.

Of course, it is mostly a matter of luck and timing.

I personally would like to see a wolf before I die or with the latest war on
wolves before they are once again wiped out by man.

Diane Weinstein

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I am amazed at the number of responses to my post
earlier about Cougars - The Mountain Lion kind. I
have already received over a dozen responses.
Even including the humorous ones that included
suggestions about trips to a bar or to Pullman,
they were all serious and mostly shared my
interest in seeing one of these elusive cats.
NOBODY had ever had anything other than a very
fleeting glance and many people share my very
strong desire to see one. Recommendations have
ranged from Walla Walla to Blewett Pass to Mt. St.
Helens, to Mt. Rainier to the Olympics,
Ellensburg, Winthrop, Carnation, the Columbia
Gorge, San Francisco, Southern California,
Arizona, a den somewhere in the mountains on a
cliff and "the trail behind you".

Several people, like me, have indicated that they
have seen many other big cats around the world,
but never this one. There is a lot of pent up
demand for a view of a Cougar. I would gladly
hire a guide to help and others have expressed a
similar interest. Maybe some enterprising
outdoorsman/woman entrepreneur can take up this
opportunity and make a lot of us happy.

Blair Bernson

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