[Tweeters] Eagle Tag Team and Acres of Snow Geese on Fir Island

John Yearsley yearsley at hydro.washington.edu
Tue Feb 5 12:22:39 PST 2013

On Fir Island Sunday (2/4/2013), two bald eagles working together it
seemed, were dining on American wigeon in a the field next to the Hayton
Reserve. One, perched in the big tree along the dike, casually flew out
over the large group of American wigeon in the field. The wary birds
immediately took flight, flying south toward the bay where the second
eagle was waiting. Seconds later this bird flew over toward the tree
with one unlucky wigeon in its claws. Also a lone snowy owl there
minding its own business plus about five acres of snow geese at the
intersection of Rawlins and Maupin Roads.

John Yearsley

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