[Tweeters] Off Topic: Cougars - The Mountain Lion Kind

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Feb 5 06:41:50 PST 2013

I realize that this is not about birds per se but
I am hoping for helping from Tweeterland. In my
travels (mostly for birds) I have been fortunate
to see most of the iconic "Big Cats" in the wild.
But I have never actually seen a Cougar/Mountain
Lion. I have been told it is likely that I have
been seen by one but they just have not returned
the favor. Seeing one has now moved to the top of
my "Bucket List". I know that just putting in
time in the field and getting lucky could produce
the desired result, bt I am hoping there may be
some advice out there on ways to improve the
odds. I have benefited greatly from using guides
to help me with birds. Is there a similar
resource available for this? I doubt there are
"stakeout cougars" but probably some specific
areas where chances are better. Any help here or
offline would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Blair Bernson

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