[Tweeters] Common Redpolls - LHG-Bellevue

Pterodroma at aol.com Pterodroma at aol.com
Mon Feb 4 14:35:44 PST 2013

Lake Hills Greenbelt (LHG), Bellevue: Finally, walk #98, persistence,
nearly 350 miles on foot, and probably 50,000 Pine Siskin 'units' later since
Oct 1, 6-10 COMMON REDPOLLS turned up in one of those roving gatherings of
Pine Siskins of which there were four flocks scattered about this morning
totaling ~150. The redpolls including at least one nice pink-breasted male
were mixed in the smallest siskin-like bird flock of about 30, so quiet as
to be almost undetectable, feeding in alders, north side of Larsen Lake.
Had I not glanced at a sensed hint of movement there, I would have walked
right past them. Nothing special about that those alders or that spot, they
could be anywhere or nowhere.

LHG species #99 since Oct 1 (could have been #100 had I not missed that
Long-eared Owl by 5 minutes back in November). Oh well, still got a couple
days for something new for milestone walk #100 but can't think of anything
very likely just within the next couple days. BTW, the Eurasian Wigeon
present since Jan 29 on Larsen Lake was NOT present this morning (at least not
for me); last seen yesterday (03Feb) when it and the AMWI flock of ten
seemed unusually anxious and flighty and eventually flew away to the south. I
think I've paid my dues (plus interest!) and really earned at long last,
these Common Redpolls at LHG this morning.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
Pterodroma AT aol.com

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