[Tweeters] Skagit/Snohomish birds

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Sun Feb 3 21:22:17 PST 2013


A couple dozen Short-eared Owls and a Northern Shrike continue at the
west 90 in Skagit County today (plus ad. Peregrine Falcon, Northern
Shrike, and several Rough-legged Hawks, among else).

An immature White-throated Sparrow is in the neighborhood of feeders on
Valentine Road, Skagit Cty.

An early search through the blackbird flock near Silvana did not reveal
a Rusty, though a female Brown-headed Cowbird and a couple im. male
Brewer's Blackbirds were present.

Several loops through north Fir Island much of the morning and again
late in the day did not find Gyrfalcon, though we did see an im.
Peregrine on Dry Slough Rd. and a female kestrel on Moore. I'll report
three neck-collar codes from Snow Geese.

3 February, 2013,

Alan Grenon
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