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Sun Feb 3 18:04:45 PST 2013


For those of you interested in birds other than Ravens this evening...

The Thick-billed Murre was present this morning at 9:30ish from Ediz Hook. The bird was on its own, and probably further south than has generally been reported. The bird was initially found at the first viewing area up the hook (a pull off with some logs.) There are currently two, large blue container shops - it was equidistant between these about 4/5 of the way out. (In front and to the right of two houses on the far shore with red and blue roofs.) While it was hard getting much detail on the bird with the sun behind it, the sea was perfect - flat, like glass.

The bird had clean white flanks, horizontal bill, the white on the breast forming a "V" shape, and with distinct white chin.

Plenty of Pigeon Guillemots, but no Marbled Murrelets.

Also in the area:

- Schmuck Road: 25 Greater White-fronted Geese (field to the west of the road about half way down.)

- John Wayne Marina: 2 Black Oystercatcher (shoreline to right of marina as you enter); 4 Marbled Murrelets and a Rhino Auklet (seen from promontory to the left of the marina.)

Neil Hayward
Cambridge, MA

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