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Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Sun Feb 3 11:54:15 PST 2013

In case the Super Bowl and it's catchy ads make you yawn this afternoon, here are some other options for your viewing pleasure and edification:


BBC videos about owl head-swiveling, hunting by acute hearing and vision, brood patches, fossilized owl "sick" and other topics - feature Barn & Snowy Owls and perhaps others... (sent to me by Ray Hamlyn)



"Bears of Katmai" by Ray Hamlyn - Although this video is exclusively about the Brown Bears that Ray and the others in his guided group witnessed hunting salmon in Katmai Nat'l Park & Preserve in southern AK this past summer, it may be of interest to some of birders with broader wildlife interests. I suspect there exist interesting birds in this environment, as well... :-)

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