[Tweeters] Black-crowned Night Heron at Nisqually?

Janine jatlmm at msn.com
Sun Feb 3 07:29:17 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

Yesterday while driving north on I-5 I stopped at Nisqually for a quick
survey. It was wonderful there! Anyway, while walking the northern boardwalk
that starts near the visitor center, I encountered a bird hunkered among
snags in the wetland. I immediately thought it was a Black Crowned Night
Heron. Four other people passed, and none of them was convinced. One said
the bird was too large for a BCNH. I disagree with that. After my walk, I
looked at the bird list in the visitor center and BCNH was not on it, so I
assumed the bird was indeed a GBH, as others had thought. But now I'm
hearing about BCNHs in Sequim and Stanwood, so I'm back to wondering again.
I have a pretty good photo of it that I would love to send to anyone who
would like to help me with the ID (I don't have time to figure out how to
post on Flickr, etc., at the moment).

Thank you!

Janine Anderson, CPH
Anderson LeLievre Landscape Design
206 632 7978
206 618 6054 (cell)

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