[Tweeters] Anna's on nest

Daniel Lipinski dano135 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 2 19:14:28 PST 2013

As usual our resident Anna's Hummer is on her nest in the Camellia in the same spot as the last two years (I've only been here three winters) I can't recall when we noticed her on the nest the first year but last year she was on it in January. This same hummer does a 2nd nesting in a rhododendron a few feet away (the camellia is in our walking path but we don't frequent the yard as much in January as we do in march) after the first young fledged. So far she has fledged 8 young-in's the last two years. I am hoping she gets 4 more out this year. Also side note, I rarely see male anna's in the yard (maybe 2-3 times total in 3 years) she voraciously chases any other hummers, as well as house sparrows, juncos, and chickadees that come around.

Dan Lipinski
dano135 at hotmail.com

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