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>What does one need to cross the border into Canada in the way of ID? Hope to get up to see the bluetail. Thanks in advance for any info.

>Gayle Benton

Assuming that you are a US Citizen and crossing by land (not air), a
valid passport OR NEXUS/FAST card, OR Enhanced Drivers Licence (a
standard DL is not acceptable). There are a couple of special cases.
Please remember that certain items that are common in the USA may be
prohibited in Canada, including Firearms/Ammunition. If you fly, only a
passport is required.

See: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/menu-eng.html

Amateur photographers should have no problem, if you are a
professional, you may face other requirements (ie work permit).

Last fall I entered WA at the same crossing on 3 consecutive days, day
1, no problem, day 2 same officer - wanted to know if I was a pro, day
3 waved through....

Richard James,

>From an Island in the Pacific,

Victoria, BC

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