[Tweeters] Re: songs of winter- Pacific Chorus-frogs & Salamander Love Night

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 16:58:49 PST 2013

Wyatt Hersey asked about what frogs would be vocalizing now. There is
only one we normally hear. It is the Pacific Chorus-frog - Pseudacris
regilla a.k.a. Pacific Treefrog - Hyla regilla. It has a creaky
winter call / non-breeding call that is different from the breeding
call. The best habitat is a substantial contiguous, somewhat scrubby,
semi-open, relatively sunny, with one or more breeding ponds nearby.
A breeding "pond" need only be a puddle deep enough to have water into
maybe the end of June, by about which time the tadpoles should be able
to metamorphose from tadpoles into non-aquatic "frog" forms. Such
"vernal ponds" that don't have standing water through the end of the
summer dry season, can be preferred for breeding, because they have
fewer predators like fish and Northwestern Salamanders (Ambystoma
gracilis) that need permanent ponds to survive. Speaking of
Northwestern Salamanders, on Friday, February 15th I am doing my
annual tour of the breeding pond in West Seattle at Camp Long of our 2
mole salamander species - the Northwestern Salamander - Ambystoma
gracile and the Long-toed Salamander - Ambystoma macrodactylum, that
nearly coincides with Valentine's night. I call it "Salamander Love
Night". I ask that people RSVP and the fee is $15 adults, $10 kids
and seniors:

-Stewart Wechsler

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