[Tweeters] BC White wing crossbills

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Fri Feb 1 20:44:48 PST 2013

Just in case you didn’t go up today, Friday, yes, the WW Crossbills are still there. We missed the Bluetail in the aft—I don’t think anyone saw it after 1 or 1:30—but we got the Crossbills at Burnaby Lake, the Nature House entrance. As you are walking towards the trails, turn left. There are many conifers with cones, but the crows had taken over most of them. Just when we were feeling discouraged, we saw the mother of all cone-laden trees just to the right of the trail, maybe about 1 K along. It was full of WW Crossbills, quite low down, though a scope view allowed us to watch them busting open the cones with their crossed bills. We encountered a couple there who had seen the Bluetail at 11:30, but we weren’t so lucky after lunch... Don’t forget your passports!
Penny Koyama, Bothell
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From: Gary
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Subject: [Tweeters] BC White wing crossbills

Does anyone know if the White winged crossbills reported last week in or near Burnaby, BC have been seen since, or anywhere in that area? We're headed up there tomorrow (Friday).

Gary Cummins
Port Townsend, WA
casacummins at yahoo.com

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