[Tweeters] Red Crossbills-different types?

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To me the type 2 (ponderosa pine) and 3 (spruce, hemlock) crossbills sound very similar, and I just think of their vocalizations as "chip chip." Type 2 is a bit richer, to me a slight burr in the middle of the "chip," but very similar.

Type 4 (Douglas-fir) sounds entirely different, and I call that "veet veet." Indeed it has an upswing at the end. You can look online and find sonagrams of all their calls, and you'll see what I mean. There are also sound files you can play.

It's not uncommon to find all three of these types in the same area when there is a good cone crop. They are definitely the most common and widespread call types in this region.


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> So, I have Red Crossbills in my neighborhood most of the year, flying here, flying there, always 'chewp-ing'. Until today, they all sounded like one type. I've not spent enough time figuring out one type from another but today it sounded like two different types together calling at the same time. Along with about 10 that were calling the usual 'chewp', there were several that were trailing the group that sounded more like 'twit', almost on an upswing. I can't say whether or not there were two types of Crossbills today, but to my ears it definitely seemed so.

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