[Tweeters] My Big Year

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Tue Dec 31 18:23:26 PST 2013

I have been a pedestrian birder for many years. I’ve used seed from Wild Birds Unlimited, even travelling to Gig Harbor until a store opened up in Covington, WA
a few years ago. But it wasn’t until I watched the movie The Big Year that I really started paying more attention to the birds & even keeping lists.
I discovered that our woods contained Golden-Crowned Kinglets, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Brown Creepers & four woodpecker varieties.

But it was this year that changed my life forever. I attended the Western Field Ornithologists conference held in Olympia, WA in August. I met & birded with
Jon Dunn, Ed Harper & Bill Tweit-I had no idea who they were until the conference. I went on an incredible pelagic boat trip off of Westport, WA & saw birds
I never knew existed. I also discovered Tweeters & eBird which led me to travel to birding spots that included a Sandhill Crane.

This year, this pedestrian & relatively new birder, has a list of 271 bird species. My favorites include the Andean Condor & Magallanic Woodpecker in Patagonia
& the sight of over 1300 Brown Pelicans in Westport. I’d like to hear of other birders year & their numbers.

Have a great birding year in 2014,

Mary Frey
Covington, WA

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