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Hi Helen,

My wife & I have been fortunate to visit both places twice each, and you will have a great time. "Birds of Brazil" is the one English-language guide that's currently in print and covers all of Brazil, so it's your best bet, although the illustrations are not very good. "Birds of Peru", on the other hand, is perhaps the best neo-tropical bird guide (in my opinion), with fantastic illustrations and an excellent layout. You'll be fine with both books, although you're talking 7lbs combined. There are some other bird finding guides, but I'm not clear if you're traveling independently or with a fixed group itinerary. If it's the latter, PM me and I can give you some ideas on places to visit. The relatively new Cloudbirders site is a great place to go for ideas and inspiration.



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Will be traveling in Brazil (Salvador, Rio, Iguazu Falls areas) & Peru (Iquitos, jungle, Cuzco, beach, etc.). Will be in mountains, jungle, desert, & beach. What bird ID books would those who know the area recommend?

Thanks in advance!
Helen Heavirland

hlh at bmi.net
College Place, WA

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