[Tweeters] Comparable local birding to Yolo?

Josh Hayes coralliophila at live.com
Fri Dec 27 16:43:55 PST 2013

Tweets, we're on a vacation/road trip to the Bay Area, and we were fortunate enough to spend a couple days visiting friends in Davis, and took advantage of the chance to do some birding at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Really wonderful birding, and my son really loved it (he's 16). Are there comparable birding areas in Washington, where one could see that kind of diversity?

We had a nice pair of white-tailed kites, two hunting peregrines, a couple of sandhill cranes, a great horned owl, a stilt, numerous harriers, marsh wrens, yellowthroats, and yellow-rumped warblers, along with an island carpeted with hundreds of black-crowned night herons. And of course about a zillion waterfowl, and blackbirds. I'm not looking for something identical, but something with that kind of diversity and density, preferably within hollering distance of the I-5 corridor.


Josh Hayes, usually in North Seattle, currently in Berkeley

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