[Tweeters] Christmas Day at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

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Ridgefield NWR has a few small pockets of muskrats around the auto tour
route; most often seen between stops 3-4 and near stop 11. They are
relatively tiny compared to nutria (look like youngsters) and are frequently
swimming with edible greens in their mouths rather than chomping grass up on
the dikes or at water's edge.

Randy Hill

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My son and I took advantage of the good weather to visit the refuge for the
first time in the afternoon and were impressed with the number of species we
saw, including huge flocks of Canadian geese, many coots and swans, several
Great Blue Herons, some wigeons, mallards, buffleheads, pintails, an egret,
a kestral, and an eagle. But perhaps most surprising and appreciated were
the five muskrats we saw at various points on the tour...an animal that
neither of us had seen in the wild previously.

Darlene Sybert
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