[Tweeters] RE: Clark Co Ross's Goose - yes

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Thu Dec 26 23:14:31 PST 2013

I started out in heavy fog this morning just after sunrise. There seemed to
be no geese in any of the fields. Sometime after 9am Geese started flying
and landing in different areas. For the first couple hours I only found a
pair of snow geese by Frenchman's bar with hundreds of Cackler/Canada Geese
and a solo SNGO just off Old Lower River Rd.

Finally late morning I found a huge flock of Snow Geese, probably 500 to
1,000. This was half way to Ridgefield NFR on the Lower River Rd from
Vancouver Lake. I was not able to get close to them at all. At the time I
viewed them I had a few candidates of ROGO but nothing clear. I took poor
photos and spent some time going through them tonight and came up with one
photo that convinces me one was a Ross's Goose.

Thanks everyone.


From: Doug Schurman [mailto:doug at bodyresults.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 2:45 PM
To: 'tweeters'
Subject: Clark Co Ross's Goose Request

Hello All,

Tomorrow (Thursday the 26th) I'm going to be looking for one of the Ross's
Geese that has been around the Vancouver / Sauvie Is / Ridgefield area. I'm
trying to see this bird for my big year and this is probably my last shot. I
have tried 4 times this year for a Ross's Goose and have dipped every time.
Since they move around a fair bit I figured I could use some help to
increase the odds.

If anyone is out birding tomorrow and sees one I would really appreciate
either a call to me or an email to Tweeters or myself. My phone is


Happy Holidays and good birding to all

Doug Schurman


p.s. If I see one I will email tweeters.

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