[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2013-12-26

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Dec 26 16:28:41 PST 2013

Tweets – it was cold and foggy this morning, with the fog again thin enough that we could sense that things were more pleasant just a few hundred yards upslope. Birds apparently have sense, because many of them seem to have moved up for warmth and sunshine, leaving those of us weighed down by holiday cooking to wander around in the mists. It wasn’t very birdy, but it wasn’t too bad.


Gr. Wh.-fronted Goose 1 adult with Cacklers and a few Canadas
Horned Grebe 1 well out on lake, late
Virginia Rail Responded from boardwalk
American Coot They Filled the slough near the lake
Wilson’s Snipe Brian flushed one in East Meadow
Barn Owl Brian had one around 7 a.m.
SHORT-EARED OWL One over East Meadow closer to 7:30
Belted Kingfisher One at weir

The pair of BALD EAGLES that hangs out at the mouth of the slough may have been why the coots were all in the slough. One of the eagles was sitting in the water at lake’s edge.

We had no big misses except for the continuing absence of White-crowned Sparrows, Purple Finches, Pine Siskins, and American Goldfinch.

For the day, we managed 51 species.

I’ve posted the 2014 time schedule on the website, www.marymoor.org/BirdingSchedule.htm

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