[Tweeters] Clark Co Ross's Goose Request

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Wed Dec 25 14:45:25 PST 2013

Hello All,

Tomorrow (Thursday the 26th) I'm going to be looking for one of the Ross's
Geese that has been around the Vancouver / Sauvie Is / Ridgefield area. I'm
trying to see this bird for my big year and this is probably my last shot. I
have tried 4 times this year for a Ross's Goose and have dipped every time.
Since they move around a fair bit I figured I could use some help to
increase the odds.

If anyone is out birding tomorrow and sees one I would really appreciate
either a call to me or an email to Tweeters or myself. My phone is


Happy Holidays and good birding to all

Doug Schurman


p.s. If I see one I will email tweeters.

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