[Tweeters] NIsqually NWR 12/24/12

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Tue Dec 24 14:58:08 PST 2013


This week's Wednesday walk occurred on Tuesday. 21 of us enjoyed a good day at Nisqually under cloudy skies with the temps reaching the mid 40s. There was a 14.4 high tide at 10:15 AM, so lots of water on the surge plain.

With all the water and no wind the waterfowl were spread out, but we did see most of the usual suspects including several sightings of HOODED MERGANSERS, the first of which was on the pond in front of the visitor center. The other notable sighting was a male COMMON GOLDENEYE on McAllister Creek near the start of the estuary boardwalk. The most plentiful ducks were GREEN-WINGED TEAL.

Raptor were everywhere! There were 20+ BALD EAGLES, several RED-TAILED HAWKS, a PEREGRINE FALCON, and several NORTHERN HARRIERS about.

We did pick up a LINCOLN'S SPARROW out along the new dike and saw more BROWN CREEPERS than RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS. There were a couple of HAIRY WOODPECKERS and a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER near the Nisqually overlook. Not much activity among the passerines.


For the day I had 40 species. Mammals seen were MUSKRAT, COTTONTAIL RABBIT, and HARBOR SEAL.

Until next Tuesday when we wrap up 2013 have a Merry Christmas. May you r life list swell in 2014.

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com
Lacey, WA

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