[Tweeters] Injured Wolf/Mostly Okanogan Co

Diane W diane_weinstein at msn.com
Tue Dec 24 10:10:06 PST 2013

Stephan Schlick reported:

“The personal highlight was seeing a total of 6 GRAY WOLVES at 2 different locations in the Highlands today: A pack of 5 and a single, badly injured animal. The injured wolf was missing a front leg (big wound) and could not use one of his hind legs. If you know who I can contact to report details, please let me know.”

Most likely the injuries were caused by humans and the leg was probably caught in a steel jaw trap, which is illegal to use in Washington. I responded directly to Stephan, but since we are the ones out there watching wildlife, we should all be prepared to report crimes against wildlife.

According to the WDFW website http://wdfw.wa.gov/enforcement/reporting_violations.html you can call, text, email, or report violations online. If the poaching activity is in progress, call 911. Otherwise call 1-877-933-9847, text by entering WDFWTIP (a space) and the Report and send to: 847411 (TIP411), email reportpoaching at dfw.wa.gov or report online. According to the website, all reports are completely anonymous.

Diane Weinstein

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