[Tweeters] Playa Del Carmen Birding- RFI

amy schillinger schillingera at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 19 13:40:09 PST 2013

My husband and I are going to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in February or March and I would like to take one day to do a birding tour. We are only going for 4 nights and hope to stay nearby so I would like the tour to be no more than an hour or two from town. We would prefer not to rent a car but will if need be.

I am aware of Birding Pal and have been looking there for guides. I am also quite comfortable paying money for a guide. I dislike large groups and am wondering if anyone has a guide that they used and liked.

I have no real target species and just want to go with someone who is patient, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Please reply off-list.


Amy Schillinger
Renton, WA
schillingera at Hotmail.com

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