[Tweeters] SE Arizona birding week after Christmas?

Mason Flint (Live) masonflint at live.com
Tue Dec 17 12:57:00 PST 2013

Hi Tweeterdom -

I'm visiting in-laws near Phoenix for Christmas but have clearance from the
tower to spend 2-3 days birding further south. It's late notice but if
anyone has plans to be in the neighborhood and want to join me for all or
part of my trip I'd love the company. I'm flexible about dates and
destinations but an tentatively planning to head south on the 26th or 27th,
returning on the 29th or 30th. Possible destinations include:

- On the way down from Phoenix I might make some stops at/around Santa Cruz
Flats to look for Mountain Plovers
- Tubac to look for the Sinaloa Wren
- Florida Canyon to look for Rufous-capped Warblers
- If I have company, I'd love to go to the San Rafael Grasslands to look for
Baird's Sparrow and Pipits
- Patagonia
- Whitewater Draw for general birding awesomeness. I found a Groove-billed
Ani there a few years ago so it's a good-luck spot for me. Ruddy Ground
Doves seen there fairly recently.
- If I go to Wilcox ponds I might also head north to look for Ruddy Ground
Doves which have been seen just across the Graham county line.

Another option I'm considering is joining one of the CBC's taking place that
week. The Green Valley/Madera Canyon CBC is on the 28th. Although further
afield, the Portal CBC is on the same day.

While in the Phoenix area I'll probably drive over to the Thrasher spot to
look for Le Conte's Thrasher and make a visit to Gilbert.


Mason Flint
Bellevue, WA

PS. Heading to U District in 10 minutes to look for Palm Warbler!

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