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I bought the razor with angled eyepiece about two years ago. It is an
excellent scope. No it is not the equal of several Swarovski I have the
opportunity to look through. But then it is a fraction of the price of most
Swaros. In my opinion it is superior optically to the Leica we have at work
that cost almost twice as much. I did quite a bit of research for months
before I bought mine and found nothing as good in the price range. I think
you will like the razor if you go with one.

That being said I would echo what Doug and Reg said about checking them out.
I don't know who might sell them on the west side but I was able to use a
friends during a CBC in Idaho then ordered it from Eagle Optics.


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Still shopping - anyone out there w/ a Vortex Razor 85? The Skyline was
discontinued. Saw some good reviews on some birding sites.

Input welcome.

Thanks -

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