[Tweeters] Birds, Squirrels, and Tabasco Sauce

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I think squirrels are wary of anything new and different in terms of smells
and tastes, but they quickly figure out if something can hurt them and
learn to ignore the other stuff. Red pepper flakes mixed in with the
sunflower seeds did wonders. For a day. Deer spray? Ditto.

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On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 11:32 AM, Deborah West <olyclarinet at gmail.com>wrote:

> Has anyone every tried spiking the bird food with Tabasco sauce? I tried

> is Saturday with a bit of peanut butter and thought I had a winner when a

> squirrel sniffed it then left it alone. Unfortunately, since then, even

> when adding to a small amount of peanut butter about 5 times the amount I

> would put in an entire casserole, the squirrel is eating it--as are the

> birds. I can just imagine the squirrel thinking, "Hmm hot! I like it."


> I used Tabasco because it was the only item I had in my house with

> capsaicin. I have no idea what the concentration is and the bottle was

> advanced in age.


> Anyone have success with this or can they tell me of a product I can add

> to the suet--I would like to make my own--and sprinkle on the ground where

> the squirrels rummage for seed?



> Deborah West

> Olympia

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