[Tweeters] Birds, Squirrels, and Tabasco Sauce

Deborah West olyclarinet at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 11:32:58 PST 2013

Has anyone every tried spiking the bird food with Tabasco sauce? I tried is Saturday with a bit of peanut butter and thought I had a winner when a squirrel sniffed it then left it alone. Unfortunately, since then, even when adding to a small amount of peanut butter about 5 times the amount I would put in an entire casserole, the squirrel is eating it--as are the birds. I can just imagine the squirrel thinking, "Hmm hot! I like it."

I used Tabasco because it was the only item I had in my house with capsaicin. I have no idea what the concentration is and the bottle was advanced in age.

Anyone have success with this or can they tell me of a product I can add to the suet--I would like to make my own--and sprinkle on the ground where the squirrels rummage for seed?

Deborah West

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