[Tweeters] Trapping Eastern Gray Squirrels

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Ooh, I like that idea! But we would have to be sure and only use it while the Grays dominate. Then the Douglas might actually have a chance.

I asked the same question about what to do with the live trapped squirrels. I don't suppose the zoo would want them? Owls and carnivores could have freshly-caught meat.

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On Sat, 14 Dec 2013, Deborah West wrote:

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> Subject: [Tweeters] Trapping Eastern Gray Squirrels


> Yesterday there was a post which included this, about which I have a question:

> With much great success, I aggressively campaign to keep my

> Bellevue-Eastgate yard and the neighborhood south of I-90 Gray Squirrel free, usually an

> effort that has to be repeated every 3-5 years. Soon after the Gray's have

> been eliminated (have-a-hart live trapped), 5 here in 48 hours just

> recently, the Douglas return, repopulate, and are a great joy to have around,

> ...and no Eastern Gray Squirrels have been detected around here now for three

> weeks!


> Having trapped the squirrels, what do you do with them which both does not transfer the nuisance, for people, to another neighborhood, or

> cause problems for other Douglas Squirrel populations?


> I am waiting for the day when there is squirrel food which contains a birth control agent!



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