[Tweeters] swans around and about

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Dec 15 13:48:42 PST 2013

Thank you for posting your swan sightings. It appears swans are on the move
again expanding their areas of use to the south of the King County line.

Also note that M37, sibling to M39 was seen yesterday in the Skagit Valley
in a corn field at the bottom of the hill where LaVenture turns into Francis
Road. Very dirty collar. The flock of about 400 stayed until nearly dark.
Most flew and circled immediately going east to the roost sites. Four small
groups (3 or 4 in each) flew west directly into the path of the power lines
along the road. The lines are marked. The swans were very low, most went
over the lines, 3 went under the lines and 2 (in different groups) flew
between the lines. That was a heart stopper. All made it safely. They
obviously can see the lines, yet needed to do some fancy flying to get
between the lines.

If any of you go birding at the Johnson-DeBay Swan Reserve off Francis and
DeBay Isles roads please send along your swan and other bird sightings
within the Reserve itself. We are compiling all records of birds observed
in this area for this winter. Very important to do so this year.

Martha Jordan

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