[Tweeters] Gull behavior

D. Gluckman cgluckman at aol.com
Thu Dec 12 13:51:32 PST 2013

A while ago I witnessed an unusual behavior for Glaucus-winged Gulls that I've not seen before or since. Five or six 2nd years were swimming around the pond at the Gardiner boat ramp at the south end of Discovery Bay between Port Townsend and Sequim. They were obviously following some critter erratically around in the water. Every few minutes one would fly (or leap?) straight up into the air about 2-3 feet and dive headlong into the water, often grabbing fish in their beaks. This was repeated the whole hour or so we were there. I've seen lots of fishing gulls but not this specific behavior. Have others of you witnessed this and, if so, how common is it?

David Gluckman
Pt. Townsend, WA
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