[Tweeters] Possible Northern Hawk Owl

Blair blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Dec 10 16:50:40 PST 2013

Driving East on Highway 260 about 5 minutes ago just west of milepost 30, I saw a large owl perched on a telephone pole. I did a u'turn and it flew to the next pole. Definitely an owl and not a hawk (large broad head) but facing away from me and it is closer to dark than dusk. Flew again as I slowly drove closer and then a car sped by in the opposite direction. Followed it for awhile in bins as it flew south but there were no close perches and lost it in distance. I guess it could be a Great Horned or possibly Long Eared but wings seemed more like Hawk Owl. Poor look so who knows but if in area plus keep a look out. I may retrace and look tomorrow.
-- Blair Bernson

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