[Tweeters] "Western" Palm Warbler(s) near UW-Seattle campus, King Co.

Dave Slager dave.slager at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 09:38:48 PST 2013


There is at least one "Western" Palm Warbler actively foraging now in the
low brush on the south side of the corner of NE Northlake Way and 7th Ave
NE, just west of UW. This is at the bus stop just east of the Seattle Boat
Company. I had prolonged and point-blank views of this rather tame bird,
but when I first got there I saw 1-2 other "Dendroica"-type warblers flying
away from the same location, both with a lot of white in the tail. These
birds flew towards the west, so it may be worth checking the green spaces
beneath the I-5 bridge.

The definitively-ID'd bird was foraging here: 47.654418,-122.320954

The best part about this sighting was that I identified the bird from
inside a King County Metro bus I was riding to UW. The bus stopped at the
bus stop to let somebody on, and I could see the warbler foraging and
tail-bobbing on the fence just feet from my window. That's the quickest
I've ever run off a bus!

Good birding,
Dave Slager
Seattle, WA
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