[Tweeters] No Gyrfalcon or Prairie Falcon In Stanwood Today

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 20:47:09 PST 2013

Hello Tweets,
I made a run up to Stanwood today in hopes of refinding the Gyr or Prairie
Falcons seen over the weekend. No luck on either, unfortunately. In fact, I
was only able to manage a one falcon day with many American Kestrels
hunting the fields around Stanwood.

The day started out pretty cold but eventually warm up to sweatshirt
weather. Just kidding. It was incredibly cold the whole day and Port Susan
looked much closer to the places I've been in the midwest in winter. Most
of the water was frozen over and there was a pretty decent breeze that made
things even more miserable.

Some "highlights":
* Good number of Rough-Legged Hawks in the usual areas. I'd say at least
half a dozen between Thomle, Boe, and Eide roads.
* Zero Short-Eared Owls anywhere. This surprised me a bit.
* One big-white-lump of feather on a piece of driftwood out in the bay with
no head visible. Reminded me of the White Pelican in South Park. Markings
and shape didn't look right at all for a Snowy Owl and it seemed far to
big, so I'm assuming it was a swan, but I can't say I've ever seen a single
swan sleeping on driftwood before.
* 30+ American Pipits in one of the bare fields next to Eide Rd.

Josh Adams
Lynnwood, WA
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