[Tweeters] Looking for info on Canada goose populations

Tannenbaum, Bernice R. BERNICE.R.TANNENBAUM at leidos.com
Mon Dec 9 13:48:01 PST 2013


I am looking for information on resident and migratory Canada goose
populations in Seattle in support of contaminant monitoring projects in
the Duwamish waterway. We're trying to learn whether goose droppings
may be contributing to PCB levels in the waterway after finding that
some goose poop samples from the area had higher-than expected PCB
levels. I'm specifically interested in goose numbers, trends over time,
and information on their movements in the region. For example, are
flocks cohesive over time, and how far do they typically move around? If
anyone has any information or leads on the subject I'd be happy to hear;
please contact me at my email address, and thanks very much.

Bernice Tannenbaum

Bothell, WA

tannenbaumb at leidos.com <mailto:tannenbaumb at leidos.com>

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