[Tweeters] Cold weather Stanwood sightings

Dan Logen d.logen at frontier.com
Sun Dec 8 10:08:16 PST 2013

Townsend's Warbler-- one in our yard 3 days ago.

White-throated Sparrow--one in our yard for the past week--seen most recently this morning. We get one every winter or two.

Anna's Hummingbird--at least one is spending the fall and cold weather with us. There were two or three a couple weeks ago, but only one seen the last few days, including this morning.
This is the first time ever we have had a hummingbird this time of year in our yard. A neighbor also has one or two staying at her house. So it appears they have moved out of the cities into more rural areas--at least based on this small sample.

Western Scrub Jay--Since first reporting one in Stanwood a month or two ago, I have heard and seen it intermittently, indicating that it is not just a transient. Most recently seen yesterday morning. All my sightings have been in the neighborhood of the 8300 block of Cedarhome Drive NW.

Dan Logen
Stanwood WA
d.logen at frontier.com

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