[Tweeters] Dark-Eyed Junco (slate-colored) by arboretum

Kathy Hartman kathartman at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 7 15:27:20 PST 2013

This little guy showed up in my yard by the arboretum today, along with about 30 Oregon Juncos. I had been pouring hot water on my bird baths every hour or two to unfreeze them, which got a lot of birds interested, including him. I was surprised to see a slate-colored, but looking at books and online resources, it's hard to tell how unusual it is out here. I've certainly never seen one in the Seattle area. Can anyone comment on this?

Pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83633464@N00/


Seattle, WA

kathartman at yahoo.com

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