[Tweeters] To snow or not to snow

Darrel Denune darrel.denune at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 21:07:38 PST 2013

-Playing devil's advocate, primarily because I'm still optimistic about this winter, -the past two irruption years have seen sightings of multiple birds at the traditional Damon Point and other coastal locations beginning this week (12/4-12/5) in Ebird. I would be a little skeptical that the eastern seaboard would be having the type of irruption this winter that it is experiencing thus far without any activity on the west coast to speak of, the west coast may be lagging a little behind due to weather patterns, etc.. The next two weeks could show a real increase in activity on the west coast.

Darrel DeNune

darrel.denune at yahoo.com

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