[Tweeters] States of Awareness

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Dec 4 16:46:35 PST 2013

Since I don't travel too far, too often, I have plenty of spare time to think about places I have been, and love to compare the qualities of different places. It's a great way to appreciate where you're at.

This year my big trip was to Texas in May. Last year it was Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. And each time I get up in one of those jet airplanes, I'm glued to the window - what a fascinating view! Yet in all my flights over the years there's one thing I've never seen - a State.

I have seen oceans, lakes, rivers, forests, prairies, deserts, mountain ranges, and also city's, man-made fields, mines, clearcuts, and other evidence of humankinds creativity, or whatever, yet no States are visible, and by extension, no county's, not to mention countries. Of course there is a new spate of wall-building going on these days, and soon air-travelers will be able to tell the USA from Mexico, and Israel from the rest of the world, - the list of wall -building just keeps on growing. And of course, there's always the historical units, like Hadrian's Wall in the UK, and the Great Wall of China. Visiting Extraterrestrials must wonder " What do they do all that for?". Good question.

But hey, I'm not anti- walls! We need more cell walls on this planet! No, not jail cells! I mean like brain cells, and muscle cells, and plant cells, stuff like that. Walls can be helpful, yet are misconstrued by Humans in many Tragic and Comedic ways. I guess it's a little control freak problem we tend to have.

Well I guess I got a bit off my original track, if there ever was just one. States, from the birds- eye view don't exist. Down on the ground, my other animal, vegetational, and even mineral friends agree. Who needs it.

When I was in Texas this May, I only had two field guides; Sibley's bird book, and Sibley's tree book. In the back of the bird book is a map of the physical features of North America, you know, mountains, plains, rivers, bays - stuff birds pay attention to. In the back of the tree book, is a map of biogeographical regions - a vegetation map. That's a map a bird would read too, and they do, in their own real way. For the rest of us, don't worry, the State and Country lines are overlaid for your intellectual benefit.

Jeff Gibson,

just sayin', in

Whateverett Wa.

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