[Tweeters] Skagit Western Tanager

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 1 17:26:45 PST 2013

Dear Tweeters,
Samish Island Public Beach (now often called the "DNR Park") was pretty good for seabirds today ( first of December 2013), but the real surprise was a female WESTERN TANAGER! This bird was giving the typical two-note call in brush just across the road from the outhouse. I got good looks at this bird: dull yellow-greenish plumage, yellow forewing bar, white wingbar aft of that, "swollen" bill, and so forth. A couple of other birders ran up the hill when I called out to them, and they got to hear it and glimpse it. Then it flew off into the trees on that side of the road. I came back about an hour later to retrieve a glove I'd dropped, but did not hear the bird on the second visit. This was the first time I'd seen one in December, as far as I recall.
Another interesting sight today was at Green Point in Washington Park. At least 75 Pigeon Guillemots flew by the point in the waning hours of the day. All were headed west, directly into a gale. All the other fish-eating birds were flying the same direction at that time.
Yours truly,
Gary  Bletsch

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