[Tweeters] Birding spots near Phoenix.....

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You can also access birding hotspots with iBird if you have an iPhone or

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Subject: [Tweeters] Birding spots near Phoenix.....

Vicki and Tweeters,

For Phoenix, or for any other unfamiliar area where you will be birding, try
using the "Hotspot Explorer" feature of eBird
(http://ebird.org/ebird/hotspots ).

This will bring up the location of all birding hotspots in the area,
color-coded according to the total number of species that have been seen
there. Then you can click on each one of these locations and get detailed
information including a list of all the bird species that have been seen
there, the most recent eBird checklist from the location, etc., etc. I
expect to be visiting Phoenix myself in January, and I will most certainly
be using the "Hotspot Explorer".

In addition, for Phoenix in particular, I would strongly recommend "A
Birder's Guide to Metropolitan Areas of North America", available from Buteo
Books (ABA Sales) for $28.95. This book has a 10-page chapter on
bird-finding in and near Phoenix, and similar chapters for 32 other major
cities in North America. This is the perfect book for someone travelling on
business (or accompanying a spouse on a business trip) with limited time to
go birding in or near a major city.

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC

contopus at telus.net

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Subject: [Tweeters] North Phoenix, need help finding birding spots, AND
trying to get info on Ilwaco Snowy

Hi All! I have not had a chance to get the details of where the snowy was
seen in Ilwaco, but will keep trying to get my friends address, or as close
to where she lives. She did report she saw one also in Longview, not sure
where on that either.

I ACTUALLY get to be in North Phoenix with a car and free time Wednesday and
Thursday this week, and if anyone has any last minute tips on where to go,
that would be appreciated. Its rare I get any free time on my husband's
business trips!!!

Vicki Biltz

Bonney Lake, WA 8391

vickibiltz at gmail.com


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