[Tweeters] Pierce County Birds

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Sun Dec 1 14:06:25 PST 2013

I did some driving around Pierce County this morning and found there to be
quite a few great birds around despite the wind and rain.

On the Orting highway at Pioneer Way, the hundreds of Cacklers were joined
by 20 something Trumpeter Swans and at least one Tundra that I could scope
out. A co-worker of mine who is a waterfowl hunter and lives in Orting
said he has been seeing white Geese mixed in with the Cacklers lately, but
I haven't found any.

At the end of Mounts Road, a cooperative Swamp Sparrow came out to pishing
and allowed a couple photos.

I scoped the Nisqually Delta from the Hoffman Hill Trail in Dupont, hoping
to find a Snowy Owl. I didn't see any but the rain was coming in sideways.

American Lake held a huge variety of ducks. I was hoping for a Redhead and
there were none, but there were quite a few of the wintering Canvasbacks.

Have a Great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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