[Tweeters] Mystery bird at Seward Park

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>From the beak to head ratio I don't see this being any type of grouse. It actually looks quite a bit like a juvenile Clark's Nutcracker - body ratios and color are right. Not the greatest picture to judge from but I'm saying more likely a corvid than anything else.

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> Subject: [Tweeters] Mystery bird at Seward Park


> One of the regular Seward Park walkers found a mystery bird in the

> northern part of the Seward Park peninsula late in the afternoon on

> Thursday. It popped up out of the underbrush to perch in a cedar tree,

> was the size of a large quail, and made no sound.


> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/513/fpvk.jpg/


> The pic isn't that good, but check out the beak, the kind of speckled

> back and the fluffy breast feathers. I've posted the image to another

> natural history site where I'm active. Someone there suggested Sooty

> Grouse, but the range map on Bird Web shows Sooty Grouse located

> further up the foothills. I checked the Dusty Grouse range, too - their

> year round range is a bit nearer to us. I can imagine a young grouse

> getting trapped in a load of hay/wheat/produce from their usual

> stomping grounds, escaping en route along I-90 and heading to the

> biggest visible green area . Not to say that it's likely, but I can

> imagine the possibility, right?


> Fact is, we're all stumped enough to consider the possibility that it's

> an exotic game bird that was recently dumped.


> Does anyone have any ideas?


> Thanks,


> Catherine Alexander

> Lakewood Neighborhood

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