[Tweeters] And the Stanwood STP Mystery Bird Is...

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Fri Aug 30 11:10:29 PDT 2013

Most likely a Least Sandpiper with most of the
reservations explained by its broken wing.
I received MANY responses and suggestions that
included Stilt Sandpiper, Reeve, Temmincks and
Long Toed Stints, Pectoral Sandpiper, Buff
Breasted Sandpiper, various hybrids and a
plurality for Least Sandpiper. My concerns with
LEAST centered mostly around apparent size and
posture, lightness of the breast and behavior.
Without going into those details/concerns (shared
specifically by several respondents) and probably
more apparent to me from actually seeing the bird
as opposed to my photos, people I rely on most
attributed them to the bird's broken wing which
probably resulted in the bird being more erect and
"stretched out" making it appear larger. Size and
coloration are always challenging in any event
especially when a shade or two or an inch or so is
what is being debated.

Sure would have been nice if it was a Long Toed
Stint for example, but at least it got some people

And as I corrected (and excused/explained) in
emails to some and retitled on the photo, the one
photo was of a Juvenile Wilson's Phalarope and not
a Lesser Yellowlegs. An excellent and unexpected
bird for time and place and one that stayed at
least until the next day. I had been so locked in
on the mystery bird and the fact that earlier it
had been in the company of both a Lesser and
Greater Yellowlegs that I did not even notice the
WIPH that had appeared in the 15 minutes or so
between that first spotting and returning for
photos. Catching the WIPH in the picture was
completely inadvertent and fortunate. Thanks to
all who (mostly gently brought this to my
attention...). Yet another reminder to look at
EVERY bird.

Good birding all... (Let us know if you find a

Blair Bernson

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