[Tweeters] Edmonds Roundup

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 12:40:36 PDT 2013

Least and Western Sandpipers continue to appear regularly in the
Edmonds marsh. The last several days there have been Semipalmated
Plovers, eight today, eight yesterday, and I believe five the day
before. Typically this plover is seen in ones and twos and threes in
the marsh so these are historically high counts. Yesterday morning a
Black-bellied Plover circled over the marsh, called, and then flew
back out to the Sound. There have been no Pectoral Sandpiper
observations yet this fall.

Green Heron is typically seen once or twice each summer in migration.
This year there have been several reports of an adult along Willow
Creek, on the south side of the marsh, since June. This suggests that
one heron has remained in obscured parts of the creek for most of the
summer. We have recently been seeing an immature bird so this has
become a two Green Heron summer.

Friday the 23rd we had first of fall Green-winged Teals and Northern
Shovelers in the marsh environs. There has also been a report of a
first of fall Golden-crowned Sparrow several days ago. The sparrow was
at a birder's feeders. We have not seen one in public areas yet.

Recent exciting sightings include Todd Hass's Long-billed Murrelet off
Sunset Avenue August 25th and also seen by Dennis Duffy and Ted
Peterson. This is a second sighting for the Edmonds waterfront. The
first was a number of years ago off the public pier. Todd also had an
early Ancient Murrelet on August 18th. He omitted from that report a
Northern Mockingbird that he both saw and heard in the Edmonds Bowl
that day. As with so many rarities in Edmonds, it did not stick around
to be seen by others.

Carol Riddell

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