[Tweeters] RFI: Smith's Longspur @ Ocean Shores

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Ann and Tweets;
David and I just got home from an unsuccessful search for the longspur. We
heard the same thing that was posted earlier--that the bird was not seen in
the morning after a big dog "visited" the area around 9:30 a.m. We got
there at about 12:45 p.m. and there were 7 of us walking the area, including
Shep Thorp and Kevin Black. We got organized into a group combing the
grassy area near the ponds all around to the other side. Do not do this.
The area is quite wet, as one might expect, and the grass is too long on the
other side of the ponds to be good for this bird. There were quite a few
Savannah Sparrows and a few cowbirds, but the longspur wasn't hanging with
his friends today. Kevin was still there when we left, and a birder from
Boston, was walking in. If they saw the bird, maybe there will be better
news. Kevin will probably try again tomorrow, he said.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at comcast dot net

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Hi Tweets:

Have there been any sightings of the SMLO since the one reported by Fanter
and Ken Lane at 7am this morning?

I'd love to see the bird and was thinking of trying tomorrow. Any info

Ann Marie Wood
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Mountlake Terrace,WA
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