[Tweeters] Apology and Correction re Long Billed Murre

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Mon Aug 26 10:32:14 PDT 2013

In re-rereading my earlier post about a Beautiful
Morning and great birds I see that I made a
misstatement that could be taken completely the
opposite of how it was intended. I mentioned "the
possible Long Billed Murrelet". It was not my
intent to suggest it was not actually seen, rather
to emphasize that it might have been possible for
ME to see it. The bird was seen by expert and
experienced birders who would know and indeed it
was BECAUSE of this credibility that I turned
around from Potholes and drove the 200+ miles back
to my hometown Edmonds thinking it might be
possible to add a life bird that I would never
have expected to see in Washington or frankly
anywhere (and spreading the word to others as
well). It was not "their sighting" that was
possible but MINE. Should have said it
differently. Apologies to anyone who may have
been offended.

Blair Bernson

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